Let's Co-Create
Hello! As a design guide, I am here to support you in defining your ideal landscape and creating a step-by-step action plan towards your long-terms goals. Below are some examples of how Permaculture & Whole Systems design can support your lifestyle and landscaping goals.
Rainwater management
Solution/approach: Maintain permeable area using river rocks. Select plants that can handle dry heat in summer and seasonal wet soil. Give water a place to flow.
Before lawn conversion
Problem: Soggy area in yard due to lack of water flow management from roof downspout.

Water-hungry lawn
Need: Client had PGE Main line in front. They wanted easy to maintain drought-tolerant plants while maintaining some grass for kids to kick the ball around.
After- Lawn conversion
Clients gardening blooming during winter 10 months after removing lawn. Low-maintenance beauty
Vegetable Garden
In process!
Problem: How to design for veggie boxes and plant location. Limited sun. Interface with dog and chickens.
Before veggie garden
Approach: Design a linear aesthetic. Map micro zones (shade, chickens, borders, unused areas, space for decent sized paths.) in order to maximize space with limited sun.
Drought Tolerant
Creating Climate Resilience through plant selection and long-term planning
Edible Landscaping
Where Form meets Function
Permeable pathways
Rain-water management. Water-wise.
Protecting our valuable soil.
Water Wise color

Plant choices that bloom throughout the year providing food, medicine, habitat and more.
Edible and Medicinal Food Forest. Plant choices that bloom throughout the year providing food, medicine, habitat and more.
My wife and I bought a third of an acre in town with a tiny house and a huge yard that was a blank slate. We wanted to make the smart choices for a sustainable yard that we plan on growing old in. We had Sara out for a consultation to get us on the right track. She identified smaller projects we could achieve quickly as we worked towards our big long term goals. Her knowledge of local plants is second to none and we are confident that our garden, hardscape and landscaping dreams will thrive in the coming years thanks to her guidance.- Jacob
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