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Permaculture & Whole Systems Design

Looking to build relationships with individuals or families who want to engage in a year-round design process. This collaborative journey will allow ample time for seasonal observation, to develop a phasing plan, and to implement opportunistically as we journey through the year. In my structured program you can expect to learn a lot about your space and yourself, and to complete the year with a design and plan for creating your unique sanctuary. Co-creating with me includes a range of experiences and activities to include: base mapping, ongoing obervation and functional analysis, developing plans for hardscape, tree, and other "elements", as well as planting diagrams and roadmap creation.
Design Work :
√ Full-scale Permaculture Design/Whole Systems Design: zone & sectors, water mapping, etc.Need support creating the homestead of your dreams? In-depth mapping takes time to observe and reflect. (Recommended as a two year program) $2400+

4-Seasons Collaborative-Design Year-Long program

√ Journey through the design process while observing and learning from each season. Four 3-hour collaborative design sessions (held quarterly), 8 hours of Guide/Coaching, 4+ hours design research.$2400
Inspiring Edible Ecological Places
Whole Systems, Permaculture & Regenerative Design

Ask me about:
√ Real estate sellers' consulting
√ Signature workshops: Design and create a functional homeschool outdoor classroom.
√ Cooking and nutrition from my home garden.
√Customized Coaching/Consultation/Workshop programs. Need ongoing support to go from vision to reality? What is standing in the way of you transforming your space? Are you ready to make a clear commitment to your goals?
√ 2 month Design-your-own-yard program
What's keeping you from the garden of your dreams?
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